Friday, May 18, 2012

I need a day.

My hubz is out of town right now. Just till tomorrow night. Enough time to sit back and enjoy my clean and quiet home, but not so long that I have to mope around without him.

So today as I sit at work (not working) thinking about tomorrow being cycle day 10, which means the OPK testing begins, the baby dancing gets into high gear, etc...etc...etc...I decide that I need a day for me. So I booked a deep tissue massage, followed by a manicure/pedicure tomorrow morning. It's supposed to be a gorgeous, sunny weekend, so I plan on getting up, making myself a little breakfast, walking to the spa, (well it's only 2 blocks) get pampered a little or maybe a lot, then I plan on baking a cake. I seriously can't think of a better way to spend my day.

What's better, is by the time I'm done with all of that, my husband will be home. Super excited. What better way to get in the mood to try and make a baby!!

If this month works, I totally plan on crediting my special Suz day vs. the Clomid...just so you know.


  1. That sounds like the absolute perfect day! I hope you enjoyed every minute of it.

    LOL, I am also in OPK mode. Started testing on Friday, which was CD10 for me. Using it as a backp for the fertility monitor, since that only uses FMU and I don't want to miss my surge. The last few cycles wide tried SMEP, but this cycle I think I'm going to try taking it a little easy. Don't want to miss any crucial days, of course, so I'm trying to find the balance. Right now DTD ever couple of days instead of EOD, but I guess we'll need to start adding in some more days as we approach mid-cycle. So lame that we have to, like, plan. Hate it.

    Cripes, it's like summer here right now! Feel like we skipped right past spring. I am currently stalking a pair of sandals on Jcrew. Lots of retail therapy going on lately. I feel like every woman in my neighborhood is either pregnant or announcing a pregnancy.

  2. Wow, we're only a day apart this cycle! Looks like I'm one day behind you. Have you gotten a positive yet? I've been negative so far, but my positive is typically on CD 12 or 13. I hate the planning as well, but it's so hard to not at the same time. We've been EOD so far, but we'll probably go ED the next 2 days.

    My spa day was wonderful! I got up walked to Starbucks for my chai tea, walked to the spa, spent 3 hours there and then walked by a local art fair on my back to my home. My husband was in late afternoon and we enjoyed a nice little dinner date on a patio at a local restaurant. Loved it.

    I ALWAYS love retail therapy. I bought the cutest sundress on Friday night. I'm so excited to wear it! It's insane how many people are pregnant right now. I'm really hoping for good news for us this cycle. At least I'll have someone to commiserate the dreaded 2ww with!

    Happy Monday!

  3. Yes, I noticed that we’re a day apart as well! Originally I thought I was a day ahead, so part of me still kinda considers this CD14. However, the day I was supposed to start AF I was spotting on and off, and didn’t really get full on “flow.” It did seem a bit heavier closer to bedtime, so I called it and considered it CD1. But the woman I bought the fertility monitor from thought I should consider the following day CD1, since that’s the day I woke up to full-on AF. (See, this spotting is causing ALL sorts of consternation and woe… hate it.) So I’m content to be rockin’ it as CD13. No positive yet… not even a fade-in. And my monitor is still giving me a big fat glaring LOW. Last cycle I got my positive on CD15. And of course I can’t say if I definitively Oed, but I remember going to bed on CD16 with cramping on my lower left side, and woke up to those same cramps on CD17 (the cramps disappeared by lunch). So I can’t say if CD17 is the day I Oed, but if I had to base it on the cramping I’d make that day my ballpark figure.

    I remember seeing visible CM at the end of the day of CD13 last cycle, so of course that means today I’m on the lookout. I’ll be angsty if I don’t see any. Have you noticed how all-encompassing going to the bathroom has become?? I’m either looking for mucus, trying NOT to go to the bathroom in order to hold the urine, or peeing on sticks/into cups when I do finally let myself go. (And in the case of my last pregnancy, checking my tissue for bleeding every time I pee’d... not that it made a difference, since I thought seeing no blood meant I was in the clear. I will be forever scarred by the blighted ovum.)

    As a side note, I’m laughing about how I’m discussing CM with someone I only know in cyberspace. LOL!

    So, wondering if we should DTD tonight if I do start to see the CM.? We did last night, and I originally planned to wait until tomorrow night if OPKs continued to be negative. But maybe we should tonight? I just hate to tap the supply so soon, especially if I don’t get my + until Thursday and then we have to go into marathon mode. If we have too many days in a row, then my husband has troubles. Too much pressure, I think, and I seriously don’t blame him. It’s a lot, mentally and physically! Part of me is also worried I won’t see a + at all this cycle. Hard not to think about the “what ifs.” It’s easy for me to be a Negative Nelly.

    Your spa day sounded simply spectacular! The Starbucks, the patio, the husband time, all of it. I also love the Chai tea. One of my favorite things to get! I’ve recently developed a soft spot for the Cinnamon Dolce Latte as well.

    Yay for cute sundresses! I’ve been buying lots of skirts lately. Not sure why, since I don’t have to dress up for work. I also picked up a cute button-down top from Anthro (my newest addiction). It has cute little orange bicycles on it!! I’m wearing it today with boyfriend jeans and heeled oxfords.

    Ugh, the 2ww... it's the worst. Will definitely be checking in with you!

    Happy Monday!


  4. Hi! I know exactly how you feel on so many levels. One, tell your hubby it seems that "issue" is par for the course. We have had the same struggles. The planning and pressure to preform become such a mental frustration for the guys! My husband went as far as being analyzed last month because he was so worried. Luckily, all counts were good!

    It's funny how much you share with cyber buddies, eh? Who else can you share this stuff with if not the people going through the same thing!? My best friend went through her own TTC struggles for years and she also connected with ladies from different forums. it's funny how sometimes it's those ladies can comfort you more than your closest friends because they just don't understand what it's like to struggle in this journey.

    I always get a positive OPK on day 12 or 13, well, still nothing. I always ovulate on day 14 or 15, and I'm thinking that's not going to happen this time. I hope that the Clomid just has me ovulating later vs. not ovulating at all. Becoming so familiar with my cycle this change is really frustrating me! I don't have a lot of CM, I've never gotten the egg white CM, so all I have to go on is the OPK's and monitors and BBT.

    On the shopping front...I was just put on lock down. AGH! The hubbers has started to notice the amount of new dresses, swimsuits and shoes showing up in my closet. Luckily, I got one pair of shoes ordered an hour before he made me "make a deal". Whew!! :)