Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I could scream

Today has been ROUGH. I have no idea why. Oddly enough, today's the best I've felt in days. I'm finally over my cluster headache flare up that has been lingering the past 3 weeks. I got a good night sleep last night, after traveling over the weekend, I had been exhausted lately. So why in the world do I want to cause serious injury to everyone I come in contact with? (I mean not really, but I would like to yell and scream)

I'm super sensitive too. Or maybe I'm not and people really are just making me mad. Do they have no idea that I'm a few days away from either having to start yet another cycle with the addition of fertility meds or a BFP. I'm thinking everyone around me had better wish for the latter!!

On a positive note, I did hear from my doctors office today and my progesterone level at 9dpo was 16.5 which they were happy with. Especially since I'm also taking supplements. One less thing to concern myself with.

Sometimes this journey can really overwhelm me with emotions. I wish I could concentrate on other things and as much as my husband tells me to relax, it's really hard. Today's just one of those crappy days I think...

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