Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Still waiting

I haven't posted in few days. Honestly, I've been a little frustrated and anxious about ovulation. This being my first month on Clomid, I'm concerned about what's going on with my cycle. I'm on Clomid because of a short luteal phase, not because I'm not ovulating. I am ovulating or I was, very consistently. I was consistently getting positive OPK's. So far, no positive OPK's and no ovulation signs. 

I had to partake in a baby shower for someone at work a few days ago. I found out this girl was pregnant around the same time as my miscarriage. Needless to say, I've avoided this particular pregnancy unless absolutely necessary. That sounds horrible doesn't it? I wish being happy for others joy of having a child wasn't so hard. It's just that I probably know no less than 25 expecting acquaintances at this very moment. It's getting to the point of ridiculousness. 

Maybe this is a "break my alcohol consumption during ovulation rule and have a small glass of wine" kind of night.


  1. Oh man! I saw your last message. Crap... what is up the delay in the O? Did the doctor say it was normal for that to happen? Not the desired effect! Have you tested today?

    I got a high reading on my fertility monitor this morning, so I guess that means I'm starting my fertile portion of the cycle. A peak reading means I'll detect my LH surge. Not sure if we should DTD tonight... We did last night. And I could have up to three fertile days prior to my peak. I'm not sure if I want to start going gangbusters now, especially if my peak is a few days away. Ack... I guess I'll do an OPK this afternoon, and if it's a glaring positive we'll DTD tonight. If it's not positive, might wait until tomorrow to see what my next reading is. We're supposed to DTD for a couple of the high days and definitely both peak days, so it's kind of like SMEP (which we did the last two cycles and it didn't work). Heck, we did it four days in a row last cycle, skipped a day, did one more for good measure, and it was still a bust. Not sure if we DTD too much, if that's possible?

    Ugh... more and more pregnant people every day...

    Definitely agree that it feels like a wine night.

  2. I tested this morning around 11 am. Negative. I plan on testing again shortly when I get home. I'll also take my monitor reading at that time as well. So far, that is not indicating my a high peak time either. I have read that Clomid can make you ovulate between 5 - 9 days after your last dose. It's been 7 days. Guess I just have to wait a bit longer.

    We typically do every other day and then every day around the time of a + OPK. I sometimes will do around 36 hours between. That way I'm splitting the difference of 1 and 2 days. We DTD last night, so I think we're going home for a "lunch date" tomorrow to spice things up a bit. :)

    Was really hoping for a less stressful week...it hasn't turned out that way. I'm a little bummed. Was so looking forward to the "fertile window" and now I feel a little let down that it hasn't happened. I'm probably being a little premature in my wallowing, but hey, that's my right. ;) Wine it is.

  3. KMFX for you!!! There is still a chance if it could get bumped to nine days, so I'm keeping the faith that it got bumped. Hate it when things get wonky... It disrupts the delicate balance.

    You can't go wrong with a zesty lunch date!!! ;-)

    I got a smiley face on my digital OPK this afternoon. I was surprised, since my strip did not have what I thought was the dark positive pink line. I may test again at 8:00 with the strips, just to see. Current plan is to DTD tonight, and then maybe EOD beyond that until I get my peak. We usually do ED after a positive OPK, but maybe we'll mix it up a little this cycle. Sigh. So much for not stressing this cycle.

    It's hard not to wallow... Bring on the wine wine!

  4. So glad you got your positive! This cycle seems like a bit of a let down. I think I got my expectations up a little to high with the Clomid. Yesterday I received a "confirmation" that I ovulated on my monitor, yet my BBT is still low and I just know I haven't...the frustrations continue...

  5. Crud!!!! I'm so bummed that you seem to be having a weird cycle. It's so frustrating when things don't go as you expect, especially if everything seems to be going according to plan beforehand. I assume you should have had a rise in temp if you ovulated? I know I've seen people mention the fluctuating temps, but I'm not sure what it all means.

    Frustrating cycles all around. I've been commiserating with a friend of a friend (my business partner and I made her wedding jewelry a few years ago, and we discovered that we grew up in the same town). We've gotten to know each other even more, as we're both TTC. She and her husband have struggled for two years. She's tried Clomid, a few other meds, and this past February she discovered via surgery that she had endometriosis. The surgeon removed the scar tissue, and her doc started her on IUI. So far, no success. And this cycle the doctor only found two eggs, where as in the past she's had four. They were out of town the weekend she ovulated, so they had to pass on the IUI this time and go about it the old fashioned way. It's so hard... you do all the things you need to do, time the BD'ing accordingly... I wish we could wave a magic wand and make things work they way we want them to.

    Well, I got a super-dark + OPK last night at 7:30 (much darker than my 4:00 test), so we DTD. And this morning I got my peak "egg" on the fertility monitor, so more of the same for the next few days. :-) I probably should not have told my husband... feels more like pressure then! So as of right now, this cycle seems like the last one. In a way, I was hoping to see something different on the monitor. Was actually thinking I'd have another day or two of high before going into peak, just based on what I've heard from other women. I will go forth and BD accordingly, then enter the 2WW, which is its own special kind of torture...

    I'll be checking in to see if things changed for you today!

  6. Well I hope you guys have been baby dancing your way to that egg!! This cycle has had quite a bit of pressure on my husband as well...probably tied to how frustrated I've been about not ovulating yet. We always "get it done" but darn, I wish it wasn't so hard to get there sometimes.

    Hopefully you have a super fun long weekend planned that can start your 2ww off right!

    Oh...and I just talked to my doc, I think he basically in so many words, told me that either I'm ovulating late or we may need to change the dose. Well thanks for that enlightening information!