Sunday, June 10, 2012

15 dpo

Just a quick update before we hit the road back to Indianapolis. I'm 15 dpo, no AF and as of yesterday, still BFN. I decided I wasn't going to bother testing today. Clomid certainly lengthened my luteal phase, which was the doctor's intent, so all in all, even though I didn't get a BFP, it seems that there were lots of positives in this cycle.

1) Progesterone showed a very strong ovulation
2) Triphaisc first
3) Nice long luteal phase

So, good news is, I'm thinking they will keep me on the same dose of Clomid, which I prefer. Looks like it worked at 50mg. I'm still tossing around the idea of just taking the clomid and not doing as much charting this month...just winging it! Who knows, maybe that's the key.

Big week coming up. Our first anniversary is Tuesday. T has something cooking that so far I've not been privy to...I'm thinking this is going to be a great T & S night that will not revolve around baby making. My sister is visiting next weekend, I miss not being closer to her and only seeing her a few times a year. Looking forward to really kicking back and enjoying some R&R time with the folks I love most.


  1. Hi Suzanne! Just wanted to pop in and see how things are going. Apparently the limbo continues... Still no sign of either AF or a BFP? Bah!!! Talk about about the cycle of crazy madness! But it sounds like the Clomid did have some positive effects. Maybe you're right, perhaps winging it next cycle and not charting will help you feel less anxious. It's so hard though... being easy-breezy about this whole process is just not something I'm good at this point.

    My doctor put in a lab order for me to come in on CD22 for a blood draw to check my progesterone levels. Apparently that will show whether I've Oed this time around. She said that would be easier than me trying to chart, so I'm glad. I was willing start if I needed to, but wasn't all that enthusiastic about the prospect. I just know it would heigthen the anxiety I already feel. My husband mentioned that maybe he should "have his stuff checked out," so initially I was relieved that I didn't have to bring it up. (It's so much better when it's the husband's idea, not you prodding and nagging. LOL) But then he decided the best way to have his stuff checked is by getting a kid from Walgreens tests a man's fertility. Say what??? No, no, no... I don't want him to do that kind of test!! I want the real thing with doctors and labs and people who know what they are talking about! Groan. My doctor said she'd put in a request for an SA, but now I just need to a) convince him that this is the best way to do it and b) this is the best way to do it. Yes, A and B are the same. It took me ages to get him for a physical years ago... this is not going to be an easy task! I'm not assuming that he's the weakest link here, but at least then we'd know before I have to do any more testing and whatnot myself.

    In addition to FB, I've been staying off of BBC as well. It's been tough to see the recent BFPs roll in. Everyone on the TTC After MC board is great and I wish them all the best, so at this point it's my baggage. I think it's hurting more as of late because my due date is coming up on the 29th, and it's difficult to see the ladies who have been so lucky to get pregnant a month or two after their miscarriages. I imagine it's hard for all the ladies who have been on that board for a while. But it's wonderful for them. Laying low right now is the only way I can deal with it at this point.

    On CD7. Got my CBEFM back on and will start testing with OPKs after CD12. Feels like Groundhog's Day.

    Hope you guys are enjoying your trip! :-)

  2. Things are going...just not exactly how I had thought or hoped! Still no AF. I'm 16 dpo. The longest cycle I had up till now since my MC was 27 days. Now I'm on CD 33, geez! I did talk with my OBGYN today. He wants me to give it till the end of the week and if still nothing and a BFN, I have to take provera to kick-start AF. We'll then do another round of the clomid. I'm most definitely not an "easy, breezy" kinda gal...wish I was! I will probably not do the Ovacue monitoring, but I may still do the temping. Only because that one doesn't usually stress me out and it never seems like a big deal. It's been the Ovacue that has had my britches in a bunch lately!
    I'm glad the doctor is going to monitor your progesterone levels. That will at least confirm your ovulation and maybe give you an indication of what to do from there. Your poor hubby. :) T was pretty easy going about that whole thing and it didn't seem to bother him in the least, it ended up being the most comical part of this whole process! I definitely agree that testing at Walgreen's should be a no-no!! :)
    I've had some pretty low-blows recently on Facebook, in person, blogs, etc. regarding other gals BFP's. It's really hit me pretty hard as well. Seriously I know no less than 20-25 close friends/acquaintances that are pregnant. One girl I know miscarried on 12/23 at 20-ish weeks. I felt awful for her. She's now 22 weeks. Do the math. I was like g-whiz people! I agree that it seems I feel a lot more pressure lately. I think a big part of it is because my due date is so close and I just thought that I'd have been pregnant again by now.
    KMFX that this cycle has all kinds of good news for you! I'm bummed we got all out of whack on our cycle, that's my fault, with my crazy cycle!!
    Trip was okay. I was pretty annoyed at all the having kids talk from everyone. I was really ready to knock a few people out! ;)

  3. Bah!!! Cripes, I hope you don't need to jump-start AF, but thank goodness that option is available. My OBGYN told me a while back that if my cycles every get long to call her immediately so that I don't have to wait and wonder. I just want things to be normal!! Sigh.

    I'm very glad she's going to check my levels. One less thing to wonder about this time around. I know, my poor husband! I understand that it can be a weird and probably embarassing thing to have an SA done. Hopefully he can find the comedy in it if he ends up having to go through with it. Hoping that when AF shows her face again in July he'll just frustrated and agree to it without me needing to gently prod him.

    I just downloaded a new book to my Nook: The Impatient Woman's Guide to Getting Pregnant. LMAO!! I feel like this book was written just for me! I was avoiding BBC yesterday and Goggled some fertility stuff, and stumbled upon There's where I read an interview of the author who wrote the book. It probably has a decent chunk of info I already know, but it sounds like the book is supposed to be funny, and I totally need that right now.

    Did I tell you that a pregnant couple moved in next door to us a few weeks ago? Can't remember if I did, so I apologize if I'm being repetitive. I've spent the last few months trying my best to avoid all the pregnant ladies in my 'hood, and then the universe delivers one almost literally on my doorstep. Seriously?? They are the nicest couple, and I ended up watching their dog when she went into labor (we both have pugs), but it was tough to watch them come home with their daughter.

    I had lunch with my friend last week, the one who's been TTC for more than two years. She just did the follicism shots last week, so she's waiting to O this week or do the trigger shot and then have an IUI. I love getting together with her so that we can complain about all the people who keep telling us "relax, it will happen." I'm pretty sure I'll go ballistic if I hear that one more time!!!!!!!!

  4. Looks like a jump-start won't be necessary. I started spotting first thing this morning and seems like it's picking up speed, so I'm counting today as CD 1. My prescription for Clomid was called in and I'll start that on Thursday morning. I've got my acupuncture scheduled for CD 7 and 14 to induce all kinds of goodness. ;)

    We even went back to my therapist last night (after losing my mom, I've had moments of needing one) to start talking over my crazy obsession, sadness and bitterness (towards other mommas-to-be). I haven't been to see her in over a year and a half, so I felt like it was a bit of a dumping ground of sorts. Hubbers went with me and said he was really glad I decided to go. I think we each got a little perspective on how the other is dealing with the loss and the ttc journey. What a great way to go into tonight to celebrate our anniversary! Hubs even shared his SA experience with the therapist and we all had a lovely little chuckle at his expense. It really is something to just laugh about. That seems the best way to get through stuff like that! I'm sure your husband will come around and see it wasn't really all that bad or humiliating...unless of course the doc decides to do a prostate exam with you in the room!! Hee hee...

    I'm so glad you were able to have that outlet with your friend. My best friend went through 4 miscarriages, 3 failed IVF's and even a failed adoption before she got her amazingly perfect daughter. I witnessed a lot of her journey and she has been the best sounding board I could ever ask for through all of this.

    Wine, tears and giggles. What better medicine for this is there?!?!

  5. Yay... I guess? Why did she have to rear her ugly head on your anniversary???? Geez!

    I was looking to go to therapist at one point. My insurance is weird and I can't go to the ones my doc recommended. Plus then we found out that we needed to pay towards the D&C (originally we thought insurance plus my health allowance from my company would cover everything). Sigh. I imagine it's got to be so cathartic and healing to talk to someone.

    I do believe my husband and I have crossed the barrier of "All There Is To See" when I witnessed him getting an anal exam when I took him into the emergency room for what turned out to be appendix attack. The ER doc was trying to rule out everything... bah!! Neither of us planned for that little episode! We joke about it now.

    Oh my goodness... your friend has been through SO much! Bless her heart. So glad you have someone to lean on (beyond the hubs, of course). It's so important.