Thursday, June 7, 2012

One giant ball of stress

So I had my first reproductive acupuncture appointment today! We went through a consultation session that basically went through my history. My diagnosis? I'm one giant ball of stress! Ha...I knew that! Actually he said that it seems I'm victim of just some unfortunate bad luck, first with the IUD ectopic pregnancy then the miscarriage last fall. He seems very confident that I'm on the right track with my fertility needs and he's going to help me get knocked up! Sweet!

The plan is for me to go on CD 7 and CD 14 and potentially CD 21, we'll play that one by ear. Of course, I guess I can't count this month out completely until AF arrives. That hasn't happened yet, however, it's 12 dpo and still a BFN. It's crazy. I've had such good things come out of this cycle with the progesterone level and the possible Triphasic BBT chart, that I was really hoping this could have been the month. I guess what I need to look at whatever happens, is that I seemed to have responded well to the Clomid. Here's hoping that if this isn't my cycle. This next cycle will be.

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