Monday, June 25, 2012

Ovulation Complete!

Looks like I ovulated much earlier this cycle vs. last. Last cycle was CD 17. This cycle was CD 12! This makes me a little nervous. I hope that the follicles were mature enough! Oh well...we did our best this weekend, yay husband for all your efforts! I had a sharp rise with my temps on Sunday morning which coincided with the positive OPK's on Friday/Saturday. So looks like I ovulated sometime on Saturday.

Now on to my favorite part of the cycle...2ww. I have acupuncture today and will be going in for my progesterone test next Monday, 9 dpo. Looks like we'll find out how this cycle turns out in the first few days of vacation. I can't imagine a better time to get a BFP. Vacation is over my birthday, our 11 year (dating) anniversary and our would be due date. What a mix of happy and sad occasions. I know that I'll be so disappointed if this cycle doesn't work out, even more so than normal.

If it does work, I wonder what should I give credit too??

What I tried this month:

  • acupuncture
  • instead softcups (yes, I've now mastered getting these suckers out myself!)
  • grapefruit juice/mucinex for CM
  • pineapple core 1-5 dpo
I asked T which of these things we should credit if we do happen to get a BFP...he looked and me and said, my sperm, obviously.  Touchè DH!

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