Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Need a little "positive-ness" today

Seriously, this cycle has just been very difficult all around. I was so excited to start my first round of Clomid. After the ovulation confusion that happened, it really took a lot of the joy out of it! Now, I just found out from my doctors office that, yesterday, when I went in for my progesterone blood draw, they did an HSG instead. AGH! Well other than being told that was negative, that doesn't confirm ovulation this month. I'm beyond frustrated with this.

I'm waiting for a call back from them, my guess is I'll have to go back in today. I know 9 dpo is very early for a pregnancy test, but what a let down regardless, and a one that shouldn't have even happened. What I'm so torn about is that I have been seeing the obgyn for 8 years. I adore him. So far this year, (not him, thank goodness) but that office did a incomplete d&c, causing me to have an emergency d&c 6 days later, and then not getting monitored on the Clomid, which I feel is necessary and now this. It's very difficult when I've always had such a good relationship with this doctor. I know that I've made the right decision to see an RE, I just wish I could have gotten in sooner than late August. I'm really torn about what to do these next couple cycles. Monitor? Don't monitor? OPK's? Clomid still? Take a break? It's just really taking it's toll. Not that this cycle is out. I would say that being 10 dpo, doesn't necessarily mean that, but after all of this, it's really hard to be very confident. In truth, I'm concerned now about scar tissue among other things that could have happened with the multiple d&c's.

My husband keeps saying "well we got pregnant on an IUD, the odds of that are crazy", "we got pregnant after 4 cycles last fall", well maybe so, but something certainly isn't working now.

I'll update more later after I hear back from the doctor. Hopefully I can calm down a bit so I don't bite anyone's head off!

On better news...I love my husband. I had a great weekend. He was so sweet. We went on our first golf outing of the year on Saturday and had the best time together.  What a nice break from it all, even if it was only for a few hours.


  1. Hi Suzanne,

    Ugh!!!! How did they end up doing the wrong test??? Cripes! I'm so sorry that this cycle has been a crazy cluster. I wish there were answers. Being stuck in this limbo is just unfair and maddening. I understand the dilemma about not knowing what to do next... So frustrating that you have to wait until August.

    You're not out until AF shows her face. I'll check back later to see if you heard anything from your doctor. As always, keeping my fingers crossed.

    It appears that AF is showing up. I'm heartbroken once again. We did OPKs, the fertility monitor, Preseed, and caught all my high and peak days. Clearly it didn't make a difference. I may call my doctor. I know she doesn't want me to come in until September, but wondering if she wants me to monitor my temps. I don't want to go a whole summer not ovulating... I fel like I can't waste any more time. :-(

  2. Oh no! I'm so sorry. What is the deal?! Not sure why we are having these issues. Temping is by far the easiest of my monitoring. My thermometer is kept under my pillow and I use the iphone app "fertility friend" to track it. It's really the only thing this month that made me think ovulation did occur since my temps rose and have remained elevated. Guess if they'd have done the right test I'd know for sure!

    I don't blame you about not waiting. How old are you? I think lots of doctors will start doing more after 6 months. Mine did. (Actually even sooner just because of my irregularity) I'm 35 next month. I would def. question them about that again. You shouldn't have to wait! Will keep you posted on what happens today.

  3. Glad you heard back from the doctor so soon! And great news on the progesterone level!

    I turned 37 in March. I had my son when I was 29. It took us forever to decide on having a second child. In fact, for many years we thought we were done. Between Calvin finishing up his master's degree and trying to find a different job closer to home, waiting to find a bigger house and relocating... we just focused on raising Mason and were content with a family of three. And I always thought once I turned 35 I'd be done, mostly because I was scared we'd encounter problems. Yet here we are... funny how things change when you least expect it to. Lately Mason as been asking why he's alone and all his friends have brothers or sisters. Breaks my heart. We decided to start trying for a second when I was 35 (two months before my 36th birthday). At the time we just joked that waiting was just part of our journey... and now the waiting has just become painful. It sucks that both of us (and all the other ladies on the BBC boards) are having to endure this.

    I just called my doctor's office and spoke to a really nice nurse. I'm sure they get called all the time by women who are "on the edge" and "having a moment" (that's how I described my mental state to her today... she laughed and said she totally understood). She suggested that maybe I come in this next cycle to have my progesterone checked after I get a + result on an OPK. I'm waiting to hear back... she's going to discuss with the doctor when she has a free moment. I'll take what I can get! Anything to feel proactive at this point.

  4. That is a great idea. I'm glad you called. My doctor was checking my progesterone levels even before I started on any fertility meds. It's a nice way to know that ovulation is taking place. I go in 7 days after I ovulate (which was 9 dpo this cycle since 7 dpo was on a Saturday).

    I know the nurse I always talk to is so reassuring, so I know they are used to the hormonal ups and downs of ladies ttc. :)