Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ovulation around the corner?

The past few days have been mostly uneventful. I did feel like I was having some O pains last night, however, I think it's still really early for that. Maybe it just means the Clomid is stirring things up down there. I'm going to guess ovulation happens early next week around CD 15-16.

This cycle in some ways feels slightly more relaxed than the past few. I have been using my Ovacue, temping and just started my OPK's...but something feels slightly less "gotta get this done" this month. For some reason after everything that has happened this year, I can't imagine getting my BFP this month. This has kind of been my deadline of sorts. Wanting so badly to be pregnant when my due date comes along on July 9. Things just haven't worked out the way I've wanted them to, so mentally, I just feel slightly defeated already.

I think we're just going to DTD every other day this time. It seems we end up BD'ing every day because I get so frantic about missing ovulation. It causes so much pressure from all angles! I really want to try and avoid that this cycle.

I recently bought the gi-normous combo pack of internet cheapie OPK's and HPT's. I've avoided buying huge bulk numbers in the past because, well, I just keep hoping that I won't need that many. I finally broke down and bought them. At least I feel better about POAS 3 times a day with my OPK's rather than on the CBE digi's.

Vacay is in 12 days. I need this on so many levels:

1) To be away with my hubbers, just us for a week and a half sounds amazing and is exactly what we need.

2) My birthday is the day before my would-be due date, I really don't want to make a huge deal this year, with it just being us, I won't have to worry about that.

3) We'll also find out if this cycle worked while on vacay...while I do feel doubtful, I can't help but have that oh so teeny tiny speck of hope.

4) Work has been crazy stressful lately. What better way to rejuvenate than by golfing, lounging poolside, and reading books by the ocean. All with the best hubs around.

Just 12 more days...

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