Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Quick update...CD 2

So now that my flipping amazing anniversary is over, and wow, did that husband of mine do it up right!

I can say that AF arrived yesterday. ON my anniversary. Grrrrr. Not preferable. Regardless, that did mean that I didn't have to have my period induced with provera. So to recap. I ovulated on CD 17 last month and had a 33 day cycle. I will start my Clomid tomorrow. I have decided to take it in the am, vs. the pm, hoping that maybe the extra 12 hours will maybe put ovulation around CD 16. Oddly enough looks like if I do ovulate around CD 16/17, the first day I could test for pregnancy would be July 9.

July 9 was my due date. I'm unsure I feel about this and I'm not sure I will be able to test that day. I think it will be tough enough without the sadness of a BFN. Unless I have strong pregnancy symptoms, I will probably wait until July 10 to test. If I did have pregnancy symptoms, then a BFP maybe just the thing on July 9!! Not to mention we will be in Hilton Head that entire week. This should be an interesting and emotional cycle I'm predicting.

Plan for this cycle:

Clomid - CD 3-7
Ovacue and BBT only until ovulation is confirmed -- I will not be temping or monitoring during the 2ww
OPK - Will start these on CD 11
Acupuncture on CD 7, 14 & 21
Progesterone Blood Test - 7 days after ovulation
RELAX - maybe even have a glass of wine or two these next few weeks.

My sister and her boyfriend are driving her from North Carolina tomorrow. Looking forward to some fun in the sun and relaxation this weekend!!!


  1. Just wanted to pop in and say Happy Friday! Love your plan... a nice balance of monitoring to keep yourself informed, but a hint of easy-breezy! How are you liking the acupunture?

    On CD11. Starting testing the monitor on CD9, and I'll probably start OPKs later this weekend. Not Saturday... we're going to the Parade of Homes tomorrow with C's parents, and it's gonna be warm. Will need to drink lots of water, so there's no way in hell I'll be able to hold my urine. LOL! The last two cycles I've detected my surge on CD15, so not feeling the need to test at the moment. Monitor still reading low, so trying to east into the cycle with as little bunchiness as possible (until the dreaded 2WW, that is).

    Have a great visit with your sister! Enjoy the weekend, and maybe a glass of wine or two. Pure bliss!

  2. Hi Danielle! Thanks for the nice note on Friday. We had such a nice weekend. I wish I could see my sister more often and I totally indulged in a few glasses of wine!

    How is this cycle going for you? Should be around O time, right?? Did you have a good weekend?

  3. Hi Suzanne! So glad to hear that you had a great time with your sister. Those kind of weekends are the best! Especially when there is wine! :-)

    Well, up until this morning the cycle was going well. I felt, dare I even say, optimistic. If anything, it felt good to feel good, if that makes any sense. Wasn't feeling quite as downtrodden as I have been. My monitor starting asking for testing sticks on CD9, and I started OPKs on Saturday (though I skipped Sunday since we were gone all day). Today is CD14, so I fully expected (and got) a low reading on my monitor (planning to test on an OPK strip this afternoon around 4:00). The last two cycles I got my +OPK on CD15 (first high reading on monitor was also CD15, and peak day was CD16 last cycle). I expect I will not see a + this afternoon based on that.

    But events of this morning have me rattled, as I mentioned above. I checked the tissue after pee'ing in my dip-stick cup, looking for CM. Well, I saw it, but I also saw blood. Bright red and pink. Not a flow, but not a little dot o' red, either. W.T.H.??????? I immediately did a search on BBC for mid-cycle bleeding. Most of the info I found seemed to point to O bleeding, but of course I also saw references to ovarian cysts (sweet mother) and hormone imbalances (you're killing me).

    So I stopped the search and waited to see how things went after I got to work. Went to the restroom when I arrived at the office and still saw some bright red/pink, so I called the OB/GYN hotline at my doc's office. I talked to a nurse, and she confirmed that I'm probably experiencings O bleeding. She said some women get it every cycle, others see it once or twice during their "reproductive careers" and never see it again. I told her I wasn't having any cramps, so she ruled out ovarian cysts from that. She said that the bleeding could last one to two days (I think... my mind was going a million miles a minute at that point), and that as long as it doesn't turn into a flow I should be fine. She said it's common for it to happen prior to O, and that I should continue to track using my monitor and OPKs until I detect my surge.

    So of course I'm trying not to fret... trying not to convince myself it's some sort of hormonal imbalance... I need to stay off the Internet! Still seeing pink/red when I pee as of lunchtime. Will check the state of things this afternoon when I get home to pee and do an OPK test. Currently in a holding pattern with my urine.

    I guess if this is O bleeding then I should see it as a good sign, right? That O is imminent and will be confirmed by the blood draw on CD22? But it is soooooo hard not to worry. Again, I just want my normal regular cycles back!! Nothing weird that's gonna freak me the heck out!

    Sorry for the saga.

    Weekend was good, though! Saw "Madagascar 3" yesterday, which was really funny, and went to the Parade of Homes both Saturday and Sunday. Had a fair amount of ice cream, too... my weakness.

    I may have also ordered a sweater from J.Crew. Oops. ;-)

    So glad to hear that you're doing well with your cycle so far. Fingers crossed for Clomid!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Oh my goodness!! That would have me in an absolute tizzy too! I'm so sorry you're having this added anxiety during your ovulation period. I have heard of other women that have had ovulation spotting. I've never had it myself, but I'm quite certain I'd have the same response as you. I'm definitely hoping that is what it is and that means you're having a nice strong ovulation month!! Here's to fertilizing that egg!

    We briefly considered going to see a movie yesterday, but instead stuck to the couch. I can't complain. Madagascar looks cute. I've not seen any of them though. I told T I want to see Brave this week. It looks pretty funny too.

    I bought a super cute flow-y skirt this weekend. I may live in it until September. I also got the JCrew catalog over the weekend, some pretty hard to resist items in there. I keep telling myself, I need to save some shopping for vacay!! cream. I may have to walk down the street for some blackberry ice cream after dinner, thanks to you. ;)

  5. Ugh... I know, right? Like I need anything else to be in a tizzy over! Bah. Tested on an OPK this afternoon and it was a stark negative. I think I had a fade-in last cycle and had somewhat of a darker line the day before I got my positive... Crap, wonder now if I'll get my high reading tomorrow. CM seems to have gone AWOL. Still wiping pink, but as of right now it seems to be lighter. I really hope this is O bleeding. Waiting is going to be agony.

    I don't blame you... Lounging on the couch sounds like a glorious way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I want to see Brave as well! Pixar movies are the best.

    I will be living vicariously through your vacay. LOL!!

    My husband and I are addicted to the cake batter and brownie batter concrete mixers at Culver's. Blackberry ice cream sounds divine!!! I read somewhere that high fat dairy is great for fertility. Sounds like a permission to eat ice cream to me!!!

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